Take the “Tithe” challenge

There is a popular detergent brand that asks consumers to take a challenge and use their product to prove its quality and effectiveness.

Different scenarios are set, and in each, the product is reinforced as the clear winner when relied upon for its inherent power.

Yesterday I experienced this same opportunity for codification when challenged to tithe or in this case donate.

Based upon Gods Providence, I received multiple notices of fellow Christians facing crises that required immediate funds. In all cases the funds needed were crucial to provide attention or assistance that was otherwise not available.

I felt lead to embrace the requests, and proceeded with great vigor.

Within a day, God granted favor on our business and the yield was more that 10 fold. Christ truly does own the cattle on a thousand hills, and my meager contribution to these challenges was rewarded from Gods abundance.

Let me emphasize that the Living Triune God is not a vending machine when it comes to tithing and donating. What you put in will not necessarily come back in cash, but it will be returned in blessing. Christ alone knows the appropriate timing and type of blessing that best meets our needs. In some cases its cash, in others its comfort or answered prayer.

Tithes and donations must be a committed part of our budget, but more importantly a resolute commitment of our heart.

Can evryone afford to tithe? The question is rather can anyone afford to not tithe. Take the tithe Challenge and see what God has in store and in the storehouse.


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