Same Pants, Different Pocket!

Dr RC Sproul Jr. of Highlands Ministries,,  says and I agree, that we must strive to live lives which are Simple, Separate and Deliberate.  By definition these tenets cleave us from a world that is bent on complicated, integrated and marginal.

When we decide on which companies we will patronize for the services and products in our business and personal lives, we must weigh whether or not the easy road is the one which will serve the kingdom or our convenience. Knowing that a company supports Planned Parenthood, or a Sodomite agenda should be an immediate “cause for pause.” We must assess these wayward companies and their ability to truly serve our family.  The revenue we pay pagan companies for the products received or the services rendered just may fuel despicable agendas.  Whether funds go directly to aborting babies or paying for Homosexual rallies is not the issue.  Cash paid in to Morally Bankrupt organizations from Christians, equals the ability for these organizations to keep the lights on and the heating bill paid.  It is what I call the “same pants, different pocket” analogy.  Money in = Money out, and the ability to put money out to pay the bills at immoral companies keeps them in business, bottom line.

It is time that we choke off the revenue to companies that stand in opposition to Christ. It is time that we follow Christ Honoring Ecomonics, and support the companies that stand opposed to sin.

Organizations such as Life Decisions International, have identified many companies that take your dollars and support agendas that stand contrary to Christ.  It is time to just say no.  It is time to end the passive funding of organizations through the pockets of companies that are happy to take your hard earned money and direct it against the one true God.  As of December 2010, Planned Parenthood had over $900 million in the bank.  This money is allocated to build new clinics in 2011 and beyond. 

I have a new maxim for 2011; Shop simple,  Shop separate, and Shop deliberate.  Be careful which pockets we are lining!

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