The Four B’s Of Marketing

So many times we try too hard to bring a product or service to market.  A gazillion books have been written about, Product, Price, Place, Promotion, etc.  Reality is that there has been a dramatic shift since the Internet.  The game has changed and so have the rules to compete.  The instant era has spawned new requirements when delivering products and services to consumers.  Today, instead of the “P’s ” there are actually the “B’s of marketing.  Four B’s to be precise. 

Be BRIEF, Be BRILLIANT, Be FRESH, Be WILLING to reinvent yourself.

Brief: The savvy consumer wants brevity.  They do not have time to search through layers of content to reach the good stuff.

Brilliant: It is important that the message delivered about your product or service is viewed as expert.

Fresh:  A Tired website or dated marketing collateral will put your potential clients to sleep.

Willing To Reinvent Your Self:  The ever changing marketplace requires a constant reboot.  Company’s like Xerox saw this coming and reinvented themselves as “The Document Company.”  No longer just printers, they were delivering a brief, brilliant, offering, they were the expert in documents.

As you review your business for the remainder of 2013, take a moment to perform a quick litmus test, and see how you are doing on your B’s!